Things I’ve made trying to put my dent in the universe.

I’ve worked on tons of little projects over the years but these are the ones that I’m most proud of. Many of them are open-source, so if you see something that piques your interest, check out the code and contribute if you have ideas for how it can be improved.

  • CovidImpact

    Award winning AI Grant matching tool that unlocked $3B in funding for small bussinesses during the pandemic.

  • LeetCore

    LeetCode for Web3, an open-source educational public good for software engineers interested in breaking into web3 or employers that want to pre-vet talent before inviting them into a technical interview.

  • Fostrum

    A real time money management solution for creators.

  • Stoned Ape Podcast

    A podcast exploring the people, geographies and cultures around Web3.

  • Kreativ Universe

    The Kreativ Universe is Marvel meets the infinite creative generative potential of AI.

  • ShopVid

    A project that aims to use AI to create intellectually interactive videos.

  • Coding in Colour

    A passion project where I am working with various nonprofits to help marginalized youth and refugees learn tech skills, developing LMS courses and giving workshops.

    Coding in Colour

  • AI Future Lab

    Launching large scale AI literacy campaigns and educational products.