Competitions won, research papers mulled over and fellowship.

Here is a list of some of the cool stuff I've had the honor of being involved with.

Hackathons - 1st Place

  • Call for Code

    One of the largest international hackathons in the world having seen 300k developers compete. Selected as top Covid 19 solution. Judges included Mark Cuban and Bill Clinton.

  • Code the Curve

    A hackathon run by IBM, SAP and UNESCO to help fight COVID-19. We built a AI powered small business care bundle that offered analytics, support and grants.

  • SAP - Hack the Future

    They don’t make keyboards the way they used to. I buy these any time I see them go up for sale and keep them in storage in case I need parts or need to retire my main.


  • SAP - Bold Sell Competition

    A competition where participants are given random pitch slides and have to think on their feet, pitching to a panel of judges on the spot as they, and the audience, see each of the slides for the first time together.

  • SAP - Flying Things

    Won the SAP Flying Things competition with my designs for ANGEL (Automated Navigation-enabled Guardians of the Environment and Lifeforms) drone would salt icy roads to prevent accidents in the winter and polinate various species of plants in the summer. Judging committee included head of UX for Samsueng in Canada.

In the News

Academic Papers

  • AI for Social Good

    Co-authored a paper in the ITU journal on AI for Social Good. Currently under review.


  • Global Shapers

    Curator of the Vancouver Hub of Global Shapers, working with ~50 youth leaders to make a positive impact in the community.

  • Sprout Fellowship

    The Sprout Fellowship is a competitive program that attracts candidates from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines who are committed to using their skills and talents to create positive change.

  • Venture for Canada

    A program focused on empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders and create a thriving startup ecosystem in Canada

  • UROC

    Participant in the University of Waterloo's UROC program, where top computer science students from across North America were invited to work on a research project with a professor.

  • Rising Youth Canada

    An initiative by the government of Canada to support innovative youth projects.